Winter Solstice Walk

Celebrate the return of light with a lantern procession on December 21st at 6pm! Help Sunset's Artists in Residence wrap up a year of wayfinding and wandering with a very special walk for the winter solstice. With lanterns crafted by members of the Sunset community...

Lantern Building Workshop

Craft your own lantern to light up the winter solstice on December 8th from 11am - 4:30pm at the Sunset Community Centre Join Sunset's Artists in Residence and master lantern builder Ian McFarlane in a FREE lantern making workshop. Participants will learn how to shape...

Sunset Nursery Walk

Did you know that the Sunset Nursery grows all plants, plants, and trees that make Vancouver's parks and public spaces so beautiful? While the nursery is located on the same block as Sunset Community Centre, this city treasure is rarely open to the public. On this...

Free Field Recording Workshop with Julie and Matthew

Calling all curious ears! Learn to use basic audio recording equipment to document the sounds of your neighbourhood and create your own short audio collage. This two part workshop will include hands-on instruction from Julie Hammond and Matthew Ariaratnam in recording...

Arts & Health Open House Fall 2018

Join the Moberly Senior Dancers and contemporary dancers Anna Kraulis and Olivia Davies for an open house, featuring dancing and tea!  The Moberly Senior Dance Group is part of Arts & Health: Healthy Aging Through the Arts, which connects seniors and professional...

Tayybeh Syrian Food for the Soul

Once a month, starting this September, join resident Syrian cooking group Tayybeh for Syrian Food for the Soul. This cooking workshop will highlight the richness, complexity, and most importantly regionalism of Syrian food. Tayybeh will shed light the Syrian culinary...

Artists in Communities 2019 Call to Artists

The Artists in Communities project has launched a Call to Artists for 2019 residencies, and we'd like to share that opportunity with you! Having experience with the Artists in Communities project, we can vouch for how important it is to connect artists with...

Reading Lounge at Sunset

Grab a book and relax outside in our pop-up lounge! Catch up on your summer reading in the company of friends, and in the comfort of beach chairs. Nothing says summer more than a slow afternoon with a good book. Join Sunset's Artists in Residence for an afternoon of...

Perseids Meteor Shower

The Perseids meteor shower is this weekend! Catch Julie and Matthew's event in the park this Sunday, after a gardening session with Lori Snyder in the afternoon!

Solstice Dawn Walk

Join Sunset's Artists in Residence for a morning walk to welcome summer sounds and sensations. As the sun rises, the city is still sleeping, but birds, bugs, sights, smells, and dawn sounds are in full chorus. Julie and Matthew will ease you into the day with a slow...

Artists’ Residency

The Artists’ Residency program is an important part of our commitment to community cultural development. Professional artists create collaborative projects with community members through workshops, programs, discussions, rehearsals and productions. Residency projects are about building a creative community; they promote diversity, innovation, collaboration and involvement.

Moberly hosts residencies for artists who seek space for rehearsal, presentations and collaborative art projects. Artists benefit from a space that gives them the opportunity to develop professionally and/or to create and complete projects. Artists give back to the community through outreach, events and programming activities.  

We support projects that focus on empowering the creative voices of all participants; building on their personal experiences and backgrounds to realize a collaborative creative outcome. If you have a project that you would like to pursue at MACC get in touch with us!

Arts & Health

Arts & Health: Healthy Aging through the Arts (50+)

The Moberly Senior Dancers are part of Arts & Health, a unique arts initiative at community and seniors centres across greater Vancouver, which connects professional artists and seniors for collaborative art-making. The Moberly Senior Dancers, together with professional dance artists Anna Kraulis and Olivia Davies, explore cultural traditions, personal history and movement through improvisation and dance. Contact Caroline Liffmann 604-718-5857 for further information.

For more information, visit the Arts & Health website.

Lori Snyder Medicinal Herb Garden

The Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre garden is being developed into a community space for growing herbs and medicinal plants under the guidance of Lori Snyder, a local indigenous herbalist and educator. Participate in drop-in workshops and gardening sessions to get up close and personal with some herbs that are easy to grow in your garden, and learn how to use them to create important medicines, salves, remedies, teas and more.

If you would like to be involved in helping us grow this garden plot for the community, and learn how to use the herbs grown in it, please email Oliver McTavish-Wisden at


Using the senses, wayfinding // wandering will get curious about the spaces between and within Sunset Community Centre, Sunset Ice Rink, and Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre. With a pop-up approach, artists Matthew Ariaratnam and Julie Hammond invite community members of all ages to investigate how spaces shape us as individuals and as a community. This project uses a de- and re-skilled approach to creating physical and ephemeral artworks. Together we will walk, play, listen, see, read, touch, smell, taste and share.

wayfinding // wandering is part of the Vancouver Park Board Artists in Communities program and is made possible by the Vancouver Park Board and Sunset Community Centre Association.

For more information, visit the wayfinding // wandering project blog.

Lori Snyder Medicinal Garden

We invite you to come and join us to co-create the transformation of the Moberly Garden. Indigenous Herbalist Lori Snyder will be hosting this event. We will be ‘winterizing the garden beds” and then after sitting with warm soup and teach and exchanging our visions...

Arts & Health: Healthy Aging Through Arts

The Moberly Senior Dancers are part of Arts & Health, a unique arts initiative at community and seniors centres across greater Vancouver, which connects professional artists and seniors for collaborative art-making. The Moberly Senior Dancers, together with...

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