Once a month, starting this September, join resident Syrian cooking group Tayybeh for Syrian Food for the Soul. This cooking workshop will highlight the richness, complexity, and most importantly regionalism of Syrian food. Tayybeh will shed light the Syrian culinary hubs, namely Aleppo, Damascus, Latakia and Homs. This class will focus on what Tayybeh does best which is, homestyle food that feeds your body and soul and is reminiscent of your mum’s kitchen. Participants will get the chance to learn about the history of Syrian food, specialty ingredients, and the history of the city of focus for the day. Participants will also hear stories about the chefs and their cooking experiences back home and now in Canada and take part in preparing 3 items. The class would culminate in a little Syrian feast for everyone.

Registration and dates can be found here.

For more info about Tayybeh, visit their website at https://tayybeh.com/