Covid-19 is keeping Moberly an unusually quiet place these days. At least, it is physically. But many of our community partners are still really hard at work creating new projects within health guidelines. This winter, the Moberly crew will be working with one of our longtime partners, the Writing International Network, on a new project we like to call Life in Quarantine.

Every week, local poets from the Writers International Network will be given a photograph taken by community champion Ashok Bhargava. Using the photographs as prompts, the poets will pen new works for publishing right here on the Moberly website! It’s a beautiful blend of local photography and poetry and we are absolutely here for it. To start this project off, here’s a poem by Ashok himself! Stay tuned for more poetry next week!

The Blue

It’s not rare
for a moment
to lay in eternity

time always
runs out
for the hide-and-seek sun

the compressed
quivering hearts

masked and
confined indoors
from the invisible enemy

a giant floating
in the skies above
won’t make us feel safe

on the roads
no traffic jams
no music from open windows

how wouldn’t have we known
that the red sky
could make us blue