Join the local poets of the Writers International Network for a virtual evening of poetry reading to celebrate the International Day of Poetry.
Registrants will be emailed a virtual link 48 hours before the event.
Poems will be read by the following poets:
Janet Kvammen, Bonnie Quan Symons, Judith Neale, Robert Martens, Aidan Chafe, Phinder Dulai, Deborah Kelly, Una Bruhns, Robert Calingo, Ibrahim Honjo, Lozan Yamolky, Jaz Gill, Stephen Karr, Bernice Lever, Jennifer Getsinger, Eva Waldauf, H. W. Bryce, Bongja Ahn, Sherry Duggal, Daniela Elza, Alan Hill, Fauzia Rafique, Cynthia Sharp, Lilija Valis, Bonnie Nish, Cheonhak Kwon and Mary Duffy
For more information or if you like to read a poem for the event that day, please call Ashok Bhargava at 604-327-6040.