Celebrate UNESCO World Poetry Day at Moberly!

Saturday, March 24, 2018 from 6PM – 8PM @ Moberly Arts and Culture Centre

Free poetry recital, music and dance in a multicultural and multilingual event.

For more information or if you like to read a poem that day, call Ashok Bhargava at 604-327-6040 or Moberly Arts Centre at 604-718-6521

Free admission and snacks

Ahn Bong Ja, C.J.Prince, Irma Matalog, Nasreen Pejvack, Aidan Chafe, Carla Shafer, Janet Kvammen, Robert Calingo, Ashok Bhargava, Celeste Snowber, Kalwat Palmer, S.P. Dwivedi, Bernice Lever, Deborah Kelly, Lilia Valis & Enrico Renz, Shahana Akter, Betty Scott, Eva Waldauf, Mohan Gill, Soramaru Takayama,
Bonnie Quan Symons, Ibriham Honjo, Mohammad Malik, and Una Bruhns