Interplay 2018 Tickets on Sale

Interplay 2018 Tickets on Sale
Tickets for Interplay 2018 on Sept 8th and 9th are now available! Interplay is an arts event that produces works that promote, challenge and experiment with collaborative and/or multidisciplinary creation and/or performance. This year, attendees can expect to see performances by:

Patrick Blenkarn (performance, video gaming)
Nathan Marsh, Clara Chow, Yian Chen (sound objects, movement)
Alexa Solveig Mardon (dance, writing)
Brady Marks + Michelle Helene Mckenzie (live code, modular synthesis)
Ziyian Kwan (movement, presence, books)
Carolina Bergonzoni + Joel Salaysay (choreography, movie-making)

For tickets and more details, visit the website here.

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The garden is gorgeous right now, come visit it when you have a chance!

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Closed still? Yes, BUT there's still gardening to be done! When we're back, hope you all come to enjoy the garden. There's always free plants

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