As the Crow Flies Final Take Off

chART Fieldhouse has completed their As The Crow Flies project, and would like to make sure their fledglings are placed in the hands of BC residents, so that everyone carries a reminder with them to care for the cities most iconic birds. You can pick up a fledgling at...

Interplay 2018 Tickets on Sale

Tickets for Interplay 2018 on Sept 8th and 9th are now available! Interplay is an arts event that produces works that promote, challenge and experiment with collaborative and/or multidisciplinary creation and/or performance. This year, attendees can expect to see...

Fraser River Walk: An evening soundwalk along our southern river

Join Sunset’s artists in residence for an exploration of sounds and river discoveries. The Fraser River is home and neighbour to birds, fish, industry, and humans. In this evening soundwalk we will listen to the shifting landscape along the river as the moon rises and...

Polymer Dance Show

This Sunday, our partners Polymer Dance will be conducting a performance in a rather unorthodox place: under the Cambie Bridge on the South side, between 1st and 2nd Ave, in front of the energy facility. This street activation dance performance is a must-see! Sunday...

All Bodies Dance Youth

Moberly is proud to be hosting the All Bodies Dance Youth Project this August! This is an amazing project seeking youth interested in dance, both with and without disabilities. Sign up early...

LINK Dance

The LINK Dance show is next Wednesday May 30th at 7:30pm at the Roundhouse Community Centre. All Bodies Dance, the MINE youth Project and Polymer Dance, all groups with connections with the Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, will be performing as part of this amazing...

Interplay Festival 2018 Call for Applications Open!

Applications for the annual Interplay Festival at Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre in September 2018 are now open!  Interplay is an end-of-summer event, taking place September 7 & 8 at 8pm. This call is for all artists, from all disciplines, at any stage in their...

As the Crow Flies

The Vancouver Bird Festival is upon us, and already the chART Fieldhouse is busy with 'As the Crow Flies'! As the Crow Flies is a community-engaged public art project that brings creative connections to urban birds directly into the hands of the citizens of...

Moberly Summer Studio Exchange Program Call for Proposals!

Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre (MACC) is looking for proposals from artists and groups interested in using our studio space during evening and weekend hours throughout the summer months. In exchange for free space to research, create and rehearse, MACC requires that...

Q421: Questions for the 21st Century

Moberly is proud to announce a free new program for youth, Questions for the 21st Century. Questions for the 21st Century is intended to give young people a platform to speak their truth. Over the course of 9 sessions, participants will develop text to be spoken and...


MACC works collaboratively and cooperatively with numerous organizations to bring a diverse range of experience and programs to the community.

Big Band Jazz Festival

The Big Band Jazz Festival is a yearly two-day festival showcasing big bands from BC Universities, providing many of these bands the opportunity to learn from each other. Proceeds are donated to the Fraser McPHerson Scholarship Fund.

Brad Marsden

Brad Marsden is a Residential School Counselor and Facilitator from the Gitksan Nation. Together with Moberly Arts and Cultural Centre, Brad delivers Fire Across the Land, powerful experiential workshops to help educate service providers of the collective trauma that has impacted Native people throughout North America’s history.

For more information, visit Brad Marsden’s Blog

Canadian Diabetes Association

Food Skills for Families is a hands-on curriculum based program that makes healthy eating, shopping and cooking easy, quick and fun. Diabetes Canada offers this successful six-session program to teach people how to make healthy meals, snacks and beverage choices and to gain confidence in the kitchen. Programs are delivered to targeted, at risk populations.

Dezza Dance

Dezza Dance provides classes, workshops, programs and productions to enhance the lives of dance artists and dance enthusiasts. Under the direction of dancer/choreographer Desirée Dunbar, emerging dance artists develop their own vocabulary and express themselves with peer support, as well as develop skills such as teaching classes. Every year, Dezza Dance delivers a dance performance at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre entitled ‘Leg Up!’

For more info, visit the Dezza Dance website.

Girls Rock Camp

Girls Rock Camp Vancouver is a project for female youth ages 8-17. We provide young women the opportunity to explore, access and create music with the guidance of positive mentors. We believe that girls possess power and agency and that we provide tools to amplify their already strong voices.

For more info, visit the Girls Rock Camp website.

Hibret Amharic School

This class is for children interested in learning to read and write one of Ethiopia’s major languages, Amharic. In addition, students will also learn about Ethiopia’s culture, and history through music, dance and song. Once a month the group will have a day dedicated to cooking traditional Ethiopian dishes as well.

To register, contact Mekdes Gete at

Mutable Subject

Interplay is an annual festival run by Mutable Subject and hosted at the Moberly Arts and Culture Centre featuring multiple performances from artists exploring the concept of performance through multidisciplinary streams.

For more info, visit the Mutable Subject website.

Onibana Taiko

The Onibana Taiko trio, Kage Eileen, Kobayashi Noriko and Komori Leslieare, are veterans of the Taiko drumming form and command taiko cred at fifty (+) years young.

Polymer Dance

Polymer Dance offers weekly classes mixing techniques, training, and improvisation for beginners and intermediate/advanced non-professional dancers, along with opportunities to perform in a mix of traditional and non-traditional venues a few times a year.  Led by Miriam Esquitín and Kristina Lemieux, Polymer collaborates with other community dance and arts groups, city events, and professional artists.

For more info, visit the Polymer Dance website.

South Asian Family Association

The South Asian Family Association (SAFA)  was formed in 2002. The organization was created to highlight the South Asian community and culture.  Its aim is to promote positive images and role models within the South Asian community and to enhance cultural harmony between communities.  Over the years the SAFA  board has been comprised of various dedicated women and men from within the South Asian community of the Lower Mainland.  The current SAFA board, established in 2016, is honoured to build upon the legacy of the previous board members.

For more information, visit the South Asian Family Association website.

South Vancouver Neighbourhood House South vancouver Neighbourhood House

Since 1977, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House has been a leader in building healthy and engaged neighbourhoods in South Vancouver by connecting people and strengthening their capacity to create change. The South Vancouver Nieghbourhood House  is open to everyone and is a place where you can meet a friend, have some coffee, connect to programs or services, become a volunteer, or find resources.

For more information, visit South Vancouver Neighbourhood House website.

Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra

The Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra is one of the first concert orchestras devoted specifically to performing new intercultural music on a grand scale. It is currently the only professional ensemble of its kind in Canada, and one of a only a handful that exist in the world. The VICO brings together musicians and composers from many cultural and artistic communities in the Greater Vancouver area, including Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Indian, Persian (Iranian), Latin and South American, Vietnamese, African, North American and European.

For more info, visit the Vancouver Intercultural Orchestra website

Writers International Network

Writers International Network

The Writers International Network was created to fulfil the need of an environment where the work of an artist is appreciated and recognized no matter what background, what language or what cultural heritage that artist belongs to. Each year, the Writers International Network produces An Evening of Poetry to celebrate International Poetry Day, a free event that recognizes and awards Vancouver poets.

For more info, visit the Writers International Network website.


For further information on creative partnerships and community engagement call the Arts Programmer at 604-718-5857.

Q421: Questions for the 21st Century

Moberly is proud to announce a free new program for youth, Questions for the 21st Century. Questions for the 21st Century is intended to give young people a platform to speak their truth. Over the course of 9 sessions, participants will develop text to be spoken and...

Reframing Relations – Three Day Workshop

Reframing Relations brings artists and the public together for arts-based dialogue about reconciliation in Canada. In this three part workshop, one Indigenous and one non-Indigenous artist-facilitator collaborate to design an artistic process for participants that...

Polymer Dance

Do you know about our partners, Polymer Dance? If you want to take contemporary dance class, improvise and perform, then these are your people! With Polymer Dance, you will improve your skills and body awareness and practice improvisational group dance, with the right...

Leg Up! Tickets on Sale

Ready to be inspired? Join us Friday, March 2nd and Saturday, March 3rd at Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre for the fourth annual installment of Leg Up!, an up close experience of pure energy embodied as five talented choreographers bring their latest creations to...

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