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As the Crow Flies

The Vancouver Bird Festival is upon us, and already the chART Fieldhouse is busy with ‘As the Crow Flies’! As the Crow Flies is a community-engaged public art project that brings creative connections to urban birds directly into the hands of the citizens of Vancouver. As the Crow Flies is a 10-kilometer community public art project consisting of diverse artworks designed to engage and educate the public about what they can do to help reverse the environmental problems that include loss of biodiversity, climate change, and species decline. Our projects, including Fledglings, Nesting Nests, and Bird Play, are fun, hands on temporary artworks that bring...

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Vancouver B Movie Factory Weeklies

The B Movie Factory is a place where movie making dreams come true. If you love to write, shoot, act, sing, dance, make music, capture sound, do make up, hair or create costumes to create something from nothing, the B movie Factory family would love to have you! The movies made at the factory are definitely B movies, but the fun is making them! The motto here is “if you’re not having fun, don’t do it!” There is a new film make every week when we meet Wednesdays at 7pm at the Moberly Arts and Culture fieldhouse. For more...

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Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre (MACC)

Moberly Arts & Cultural Centre (MACC) is a community arts centre that provides a space for intercultural connections, a gathering place for the community and an opportunity for everyone to experience and participate in the arts. At MACC we believe that the arts enrich and strengthen community life. We work through partnerships and collaborations to support innovative projects where artists and community members can come together to create meaningful and rewarding experiences. Located in Moberly Park at East 60th Ave and Prince Albert St. in South Vancouver, MACC is an intimate and accessible black box theatre space with a...

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