Month: December 2017

Looking for Herb Gardeners and Community Members

On a sunny Fall afternoon, some folks from the South Vancouver neighbourhood came down on Sunday December 10th to learn how to make salves and balms from beeswax and herbs with the help of our Environmental Artist in Residence Lori Snyder! Lori will working with the South Vancouver region to turn our pollinator garden into a medicinal herb garden this winter and spring. If you’re interested in working together on these public garden beds, email us at...

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Shiamak Bollywood Jazz Winter 2018

Moberly Arts and Culture is featuring a special bollywood jazz workshop from Shiamak Davar to the Vancouver community on December 20th, from 6 – 7pm. Shiamak revolutionized dance in Bollywood combining it with Western jazz technique and giving it a structure. Energetic music, dance exercise and choreography makes this class a favourite among people of all ages. Register for this free workshop...

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Acting Kung Fu Winter Session

Do you love Kung Fu movies? Why not make one yourself? Acting Kung Fu is a class focused on staging Kung Fu choreographies live and for camera. The classes include, stretching, some Iron Palm (strengthen of skin and muscles), basic kicks and punches. In the theoretical section, you will get into the basic ideas of Non-Verbal Dialogue and the creation of fight choreographies. We will look at how the narrative of fights work, and how to create intriguing choreographies. Another important part will be the preparation for and approach of a character. This active taught class is for both beginners...

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